Trying something new...Spinning

I'm spending my last day off in a while running errands, catching up on laundry and grocery shopping. I've planned my workouts, my meals and updated my to-do list. I'm glad I have a workout to look forward to later today. A friend and I are going to give spinning a try tonight at Murfreesboro Athletic Club .

Murfreesboro Athletic Club

I'm a little nervous but at the same time excited about trying something new. I used to be the one that was too shy to do anything new. But now its refreshing to do things that make me a little nervous. Life is too boring if you don't try new things.

spinning via google images
I also came across an event that I'd like to share. Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold Feb 11, 2012 Please click the link for details. You may remember Sherry Arnold was a school teacher and runner from Montana that went missing early in January and a man eventually confessed to killing her. Her story touched me and I plan on participating in this event in memory of her. Please share this link with your followers.

Running for Sherry - 2-11-12


For those of you that sit most of the day...

For a person that has an office job and sits for most of the day, I found this article interesting. I'm motivated to find ways to get up out of my chair and MOVE throughout the day.

How Sitting All Day is Damaging Your Body and How You Can Counteract It

I like the fact that the article doesn't suggest we need to become marathoners or triathletes - only that we should get up and move at least once an hour and get 30 minutes of activity each day. I work out more than most of my friends do, but I tend to forget when I'm at work how long I have been sitting. I worked at a company once that had desks that you could stand by or sit in bar-type chairs. It was a nice change once in a while to be able to stand while working. And what ever became of treadmill type workstations? I remember hearing about those a few years ago. That sounds like a cool idea especially for those with office jobs. Personally, I would worry about falling or hurting myself. I have trouble walking and chewing gum at the same time....

Let's move!

Let's go jogging!

On my days off this week, I was able to spend time with my 3 month old granddaughter. This is priceless! I had to change her into this adorable jogging suit I bought for her. Photo opportunity.....

Phoenix - 3 months
Now my vacation is about to end and its back to reality in the morning. I can only imagine how many emails will be waiting on me.

I hope my desk doesn't look like this.....
  It was a nice break and I feel very relaxed now. Going back on Friday has its advantages. I can work one day and then its the weekend! It feels good to be refreshed after a few days off.


My newest fitness purchases

I decided to order a few things for myself with some Christmas cash. I ordered all of these from Amazon. Today, I received my cell phone arm band I ordered. I hope this will work well when I'm running. It is supposed to keep my phone free from sweat and allow me to use my fitness apps while running. I'll try it out tomorrow morning.

HTC Evo shift arm band - photo from Amazon.com

TaeBo is one of my favorite ways to exercise. I treated myself to 2 new dvds with some Christmas cash. I was thrilled they arrived today.  I can't wait to see what Billy Blanks has in store for me! I had the honor of meeting Billy in Franklin, TN a few years ago after the flood hit Nashville. He came to do a session to benefit flood victims. It was great punching and kicking while Billy walked around the room pushing us!

Working out with Billy Blanks

Picture of me the day I worked out with Billy Blanks

TaeBo - new DVD's

Day 2 of taking care of ME!

It's my second day of vacation and I started off at my gym. I was going to workout, then get a massage....but was late getting there. As I'm checking in for my massage appointment, the therapist informed me that I should not work out after the massage, unless I take it very slow and easy. I might get on the stationary bike later or take a walk. The massage was wonderful! It had been so long since I've had one. It's also very nice that they are located inside my gym. I also picked up a group exercise schedule so I can try some new classes. I'm interested in spinning, but must admit I'm a little intimidated....my favorites are zumba, tae bo and body pump. My day at the hair salon yesterday was nice. I decided to go back to my natural hair color and get rid of the blonde highlights. I was pleased with the result.

Now, I'll spend some time on my computer (but not working), drinking coffee and looking forward to my granddaughter coming over later.

Epiphany Health - great place for massages!

Picked up a group exercise schedule today....what should I try next?

My and my granddaughter! I went back to my natural hair color...no more blondie!


Time to relax, refresh and renew

I've been working around the clock for about 2 weeks now, so I'm taking 3 much needed days off. I was instructed by my boss that I was not allowed to take my work laptop home. I'm glad she said that because she knows I would end up working at home, even if only to check emails. She is right.

Me and my girls!

My plans today are to get my hair done, go out to lunch with my husband and spend time with my daughters and granddaughter tonight. Sounds like a perfect day to me.

Phoenix is 3 months old now!

Tomorrow morning, I have an appointment for a massage at my gym and plan on working out before that. It's been several months since I've had a massage, so I decided to treat myself to one using some of my leftover Christmas cash. I think its very convenient to have a massage company on site with my gym.
Epiphany Health - I'm looking forward to visiting you!

So here's to getting the family/work life balance back! I'm concentrating on ME for the next few days.


My favorite soup - Southwest Chicken Soup

Have you checked out the Choose My Plate.gov website? I'm on a mission to make healthier meals for my family. This is a great resource!

It's not easy at first, but eating clean makes me feel great. I've had to work longer hours this week, but making sure I plan ahead for my meals helps. I took bags of healthy food to work and kept in our break room. Fresh fruits and veggies are now my go to choices. My new favorite soup is Southwestern Chicken Soup, that a sweet lady at my church gave me. It's the easiest recipe I have found! As you can see, it does well in the slow cooker. I took some to work to share and it was a hit!

1 can of black beans
1 jar of mild or hot salsa (depending on your preference)
1 can of shoepeg white corn
1 can of chicken broth (reduced sodium)
1 package of Tyson southwestern chicken strips - diced into bite size pieces.

Open ingredients and drop into pot and cook for an hour. Delish!

Southwest Chicken Soup!    


Reasons to Run

Sometimes I get discouraged in my training to run. My biggest complaint is the lack of time for training consistently. Maybe I should look for a new job....(just kidding). The one thing I have found to keep me on track, is signing up for races. If something is on my schedule, I'm more apt to do it. I found this article that reminds me of the benefits of running.   Click on this link to read...Reasons to Run

I found this picture on facebook and love it!!!


I feel good....

Last night, after working I decided to try out my hotel's fitness center. I'm glad I did. I was a little nervous about the glass windows, but I guess everyone else was watching the College football championship game. It was cool having the whole place to myself.

I've also been eating healthy for the most part....I stocked up on healthy foods for my mini fridge in my hotel. I'm glad I did.

The room didn't have any fans, so it was incredibly hot in there. I started off with a stationary bike workout and did 5.8 miles in 20 minutes. Then I did a treadmill workout for a mile. I wanted to run longer, but the heat was killing me!

The best thing about working out at night, is that I sleep so much better AND I felt great this morning! I felt so refreshed and had more energy than usual. I'm going to try and remember this is why I do this!

My business trip will be over soon and I'll get to go back home to my family. I miss them and I need to get back to MY gym. I have 2 5k's in March and want to be prepared.

St Pat's Day Kegs & Eggs 5k

Special Kids 5k


Eating healthy on the road

I'm working out of town again for a few days. I arrived in Knoxville a few hours ago and since I didn't pack enough healthy food, I decided to take a trip to Kroger. I loaded up on fruit, yougurt, water and other items so I don't have to eat out very much.I hope I got enough to last me a few days.

Yogurt, water and Silk
fruit, juice, carrots, and tuna

Bananas, peanut butter individual packs and a Healthy Choice meal
 Now, I guess I should go check out the hotel gym before it gets too late. Monday morning will be here before I know it.


Are you keeping your resolutions for 2012?

The first week of January is almost over and I feel good about my resolutions. The first week of the year is usually easy since most people are motivated about their goals and resolutions. It's the weeks that follow that are tough.

I did well this week for the most part. I didn't eat any junk food, even though there is candy at work and snacks in my pantry. I brought healthy lunches to work everyday and didn't drink any soda. I kept up my exercise appointments. I signed up for two 5k races in March. This one is on St Patrick's Day and looks like so much fun! Kegs & Eggs 5k . The next one is a few weeks later. Special Kids Race . I made dinner for my daughter more this week than I usually do. So, I can say this week was a success.

Yes, it took more effort on my part. But it can be done. Even my cat, Tiger wanted to workout with me this week.

Keeping my resolutions/goals will get a little tougher over the weekend. I have to travel to Knoxville for work on Sunday. I find it difficult to eat healthy and exercise when I'm living out of a hotel. But I will definitely try!

How do you overcome challenges for keeping your fitness goals?