Trying something new...Spinning

I'm spending my last day off in a while running errands, catching up on laundry and grocery shopping. I've planned my workouts, my meals and updated my to-do list. I'm glad I have a workout to look forward to later today. A friend and I are going to give spinning a try tonight at Murfreesboro Athletic Club .

Murfreesboro Athletic Club

I'm a little nervous but at the same time excited about trying something new. I used to be the one that was too shy to do anything new. But now its refreshing to do things that make me a little nervous. Life is too boring if you don't try new things.

spinning via google images
I also came across an event that I'd like to share. Virtual Run for Sherry Arnold Feb 11, 2012 Please click the link for details. You may remember Sherry Arnold was a school teacher and runner from Montana that went missing early in January and a man eventually confessed to killing her. Her story touched me and I plan on participating in this event in memory of her. Please share this link with your followers.

Running for Sherry - 2-11-12