I feel good....

Last night, after working I decided to try out my hotel's fitness center. I'm glad I did. I was a little nervous about the glass windows, but I guess everyone else was watching the College football championship game. It was cool having the whole place to myself.

I've also been eating healthy for the most part....I stocked up on healthy foods for my mini fridge in my hotel. I'm glad I did.

The room didn't have any fans, so it was incredibly hot in there. I started off with a stationary bike workout and did 5.8 miles in 20 minutes. Then I did a treadmill workout for a mile. I wanted to run longer, but the heat was killing me!

The best thing about working out at night, is that I sleep so much better AND I felt great this morning! I felt so refreshed and had more energy than usual. I'm going to try and remember this is why I do this!

My business trip will be over soon and I'll get to go back home to my family. I miss them and I need to get back to MY gym. I have 2 5k's in March and want to be prepared.

St Pat's Day Kegs & Eggs 5k

Special Kids 5k

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