Hello, March

It's hard to believe that its already March. It seemed like Christmas was only a few weeks ago. I've been busy with work and must be having fun, since you know what they say...time flies when you're having fun. :)
When March arrives, I realize that my birthday is just around the corner. I used to worry about growing older, especially after I hit the 40 mark. But now, its not so gloomy. I'm happy, healthy and enjoy my life so bring it on! My family is planning a little party for me on Friday night to include eats, drinks and playing our favorite game: rock band. I'm looking forward to this celebration especially since I am out of town for work this week. Maybe I'll make it a long weekend by taking an extra day off.

Have a great week!



Look how far I've come

I've been planning some running events for this year and I found one that takes place at my high school in April. This one has some meaning to me. When I was in junior high/high school when we would have to run the mile, I would be devastated! I always came in last and most of the time I would end up hyperventilating. I was reduced to the embarrassment of "breathing in a paper bag" in front of my classmates. I have come a long way. I think this is my chance to shine and prove to myself how far I've come. I think doing a 5k on the same grounds where I struggled as a teenager would be awesome. I don't expect to come in first, but finishing strong is my goal. Definitely no breathing in the bag thing...

Run Cougar Run 5K and Fun Run

I'm back on track with working out and feel great! So far I have 3 5k races on my schedule. I'll also do several charity walks throughout the year beginning with the March for Babies walk and Cystic Fibrosis walk in May. No excuses! 2012 is going to be a great year.


Maintaining a Healthy Diet While Traveling

I have just returned from a long business trip and found this article to be helpful.  Eating Well On the Road

I find it very difficult to maintain a healthy diet when I'm out of town. The projects I've been working on have required me to work long hours which makes it very hard to make healthy choices. Even though I try to keep healthy snacks and plenty of water in my bag, when people bring in donuts and sweets it is hard to resist especially if I haven't eaten a meal in hours.I definitely put on a few pounds on this trip. I recall one day all we had was donuts and chocolate pie! I'm very ashamed of that!

 My goal is to eat clean and get back to the gym this week. I've got to get in shape for the 5k I'm doing on St Patricks Day!

I consumed too much sugar this week and need to cleanse the toxins from my system. I'm also looking into a therapeutic massage.I'm glad I am receiving some much needed time off. It's time to rejuvenate!