My newest fitness purchases

I decided to order a few things for myself with some Christmas cash. I ordered all of these from Amazon. Today, I received my cell phone arm band I ordered. I hope this will work well when I'm running. It is supposed to keep my phone free from sweat and allow me to use my fitness apps while running. I'll try it out tomorrow morning.

HTC Evo shift arm band - photo from Amazon.com

TaeBo is one of my favorite ways to exercise. I treated myself to 2 new dvds with some Christmas cash. I was thrilled they arrived today.  I can't wait to see what Billy Blanks has in store for me! I had the honor of meeting Billy in Franklin, TN a few years ago after the flood hit Nashville. He came to do a session to benefit flood victims. It was great punching and kicking while Billy walked around the room pushing us!

Working out with Billy Blanks

Picture of me the day I worked out with Billy Blanks

TaeBo - new DVD's

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