Happy Halloween!

I decided to try to walk/run outside yesterday to train for the upcoming events I am participating in. I usually walk on my treadmill or walk on a track at the gym I go to. Running on the street is so different than the treadmill and I am paying for it now. My legs are very sore today. My goal this week is to work on transitioning into running without pain! I believe I have waited too long to train for these events coming up (less than a month away), so I will probably have to walk the majority of the course. But there's always next year!

I have already bought several cans of canned pumkin this year. I need some pumkin recipes to try. I love pumkin but need to stay away from pie. If you have any recipes, I'd love to hear from you.

Have a Happy Halloween! Just don't eat too much candy!


Fun Friday (cont)

 I had a strawberry margarita on Fun Friday when John took me out to lunch. We went to Fiesta Acapulco and it was great. I also had shrimp fahitas with guacamole! It was a good day. We spent the afternoon shopping and I took Whitney to get her hair done. After 3.5 hours, she looked great! I'm looking forward to a nice Saturday. I'm getting ready to make breakfast for the family and then a workout to begin my day! Since we are going to a party this afternoon, I need to take care of business!


Fun Friday!

I am having a nice day off so far. I had a doctor's appointment this morning for labwork to recheck my cholesterol numbers. I have been sticking to my healthy eating plan and exercised more, so I hope they have improved. It should be good since I have also been taking Crestor for 6 weeks now. The only thing about fasting labwork that I hate is not being able to have coffee! If I'm addicted to anything, that would be it.
I exercised last night so I am taking the morning off. I am looking forward to my husband, John taking me to lunch today and spending time with my family later.

Let me introduce my family to you:

L-R: John (husband), me, my daughters Whitney, and Jan'a.
This picture was taken a month ago on our vacation to Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Have a great day!


It's my Friday!

I'm very happy that today is my last day of the work week. I have started working 10 hour days so I can be off on Fridays. It has made it a little difficult to get my workouts in though. Some days I get up and work out before going to work and one day this week, I took a Zumba class. That was a lot of fun but I got home very late. I plan to workout on my days off and once on the days I work. I have tried to find ways to incorporate activity into my daily life. Since I have a "desk job" that is difficult. But I wear a pedometer and track my steps daily. I'm aiming for at least 10,000 steps each day. I have been able to stick to my healthy eating this week with the exception of my husband keeping home baked cookies around. He is definitely a trouble maker. I am looking forward to the weekend and getting started on training for a 5k. I have read several articles about transitioning from walking to running and I feel good about it. I am planning on participating in 2 events in November, Heart Walk for the American Heart Association and BoroDash in my community on Thanksgiving Day. I'm not sure if I have time to really train for these events, but I will be able to walk if I need to. Below are links to my events!



Wish me luck! If you have any advice for my running challenge, please comment! Have a great day!


Today is the first day of the rest of my life!

I'm a 40-ish working mom and wife who is determined to live a healthier lifestyle and will track my progress in my blog. Any helpful advice is appreciated.
I have been on a healthy eating plan for about six months now and am beginning to exercise more as well. I enjoy doing walks for charity and have participated in several this year so far. I am wanting to begin training to run a 5K in the near future but am a little nervous about that. A few months ago I had a scare with an abnormal EKG and even though the tests came back normal, I decided now is the time to begin to live healthy.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." Unknown