Fun Friday!

I am having a nice day off so far. I had a doctor's appointment this morning for labwork to recheck my cholesterol numbers. I have been sticking to my healthy eating plan and exercised more, so I hope they have improved. It should be good since I have also been taking Crestor for 6 weeks now. The only thing about fasting labwork that I hate is not being able to have coffee! If I'm addicted to anything, that would be it.
I exercised last night so I am taking the morning off. I am looking forward to my husband, John taking me to lunch today and spending time with my family later.

Let me introduce my family to you:

L-R: John (husband), me, my daughters Whitney, and Jan'a.
This picture was taken a month ago on our vacation to Chattanooga, TN and Atlanta, GA.

Have a great day!

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