Zumba to start my day

I started my day with an intense Zumba class at Murfreesboro Athletic Club. I'm really enjoying my 5 free visits pass. The class was alot of fun but much different than my Playstation version. Before the class began, I warmed up for 30 minutes on the treadmill. I think I prefer the live class. The workout is much more intense than the video game. Today I was due for a cross training workout, so this worked out great. Now I'm a hot and sweatty mess! But it feels GREAT to have my workout done by 10 a.m.

After my cool down, I made some iced coffee and a bowl of vanilla greek yogurt with fresh strawberries and blueberries.

Now I am looking forward to spending the day with my daughter, Whitney. We plan on hitting the mall to do some Father's Day shopping for my husband.

Whitney and me!
Have a great Saturday!

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