Walk 100 Miles with the Mayor of Nashville

Centennial Park - photo compliments of Nashville.gov website
The mayor in Nashville has started a walking program called Walk 100 miles with the mayor . The next walk is scheduled for tomorrow at Centennial Park in Nashville. This is a nice park located close to downtown Nashville. I'm thinking about participating in this. It's a great program to encourage Nashville residents to take steps to living healthier. According to the local newspaper, Tennessee is the 2nd fattest state with over 30% of residents being obese. I'm glad the mayor is taking steps to get Tennesseans to live healthier. See the link below for more information about this article.
Tennessee obesity article

Since I am feeling better after having bronchitis, I'm looking for something active to do this weekend. But I don't want to overdo it. Walking sounds like a great way to ease back into working out. It's time to get my water bottle and my pedometer ready. I wonder if I'll see anyone I know at the park?

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