Running obsessed?

I am debating whether I should sign up for the Frosty Fun Run that takes place on December 11th. Its for a good cause - supporting 2 child advocacy groups. I'm still not where I need to be for running, but I'm continuing on my training and improving. My family will probably say I'm too obsessed about these events. But in my defense, I like pushing myself to see how far I can go. My next goal is to be able to increase my running so that I'm running more than walking and eventually running a 5k. I believe I have participated in 6 walk/run events this year so far.  This sounds like a fun event, as long as the weather cooperates. No chip timing - it's just for fun. A 4-mile run on the cart path of a local golf course. Today is the last day to sign up online, so I will think about this today and make a decision soon.

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