Great News!

My appointments went well today. My heart doctor released me from his care. Thanks Vanderbilt Heart! My second appointment with my primary care doctor went well also. She said my cholesterol is looking much better. I just have to work on lowering my trigylcerides. I had been going to see her every 2 months or so since January, but now I'm off the hook until next May. I'm so glad my health is going in the right direction. I still need to work on weight loss - this has been difficult for me. I have been following a healthy diet for months now and exercising moderately, but for some unknown reason I cannot get the scale to budge more than a pound or two. I suppose my age has something to do with it since I'm in my 40's now. My metabolism has slowed drastically. My healthy changes have definitely improved the way I feel, even though I can't seem to lose weight.
I'm trying to stay positive! 

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