Wednesday's Workout

I planned on going to the gym today after work. I packed my bag and took it to work as usual. I tend to have more success when I change clothes before leaving the office. Workout clothes - check. MP3 player - check. Running shoes - Oh no! I left them at home. So, since I had to go home for my shoes, I decided to do a Taebo workout there. My legs were very sore today from doing squats and weights a few days ago. I'm sure I groaned every time I got out of my office chair. I was hoping the kicking and punching would help my legs.

First, I did a cycling workout on my bike for 20 minutes to loosen up. Then I popped in a DVD. This time I chose an abs workout.
Taebo DVD
It was a very intense and exhilarating workout. Great choice!

I didn't really have dinner, so for my after workout snack, I had a multi grain waffle with peanut butter instead of syrup and a glass of Silk light. Yummy!

After workout snack

I'm glad I'm back on track with my workouts. It feels good to update my Active.com calendar and post on Daily Mile on my progress. I'm starting to see muscle toning that I hadn't noticed before. Even though it is almost impossible for me to get the scale to move, these little details are what keep me going! I'm not giving up.

Now it is time for a detox bath and a little relaxation. Ahhh!

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